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The following books are an excellent source of information for Murrabit and are available for purchase at the ‘Busy Bees’ shop or by contacting the Murrabit Advancement Association:

  • Murrabit Through the Years by Jean Kibbey
  • Murrabit Our Murrabit by Jill Sutherland
  • Murrabit Country Market – A Community Driven Success Story 1977-2007
  • Our Place on the Line – Compiled by Murrabit & District Heritage Group
  • Murrabit Mixtures Cookbook – Compiled by Murrabit & District Heritage Group
  • Changing Landscapes (from drought to flood) – Compiled by Murrabit & District Heritage Group
  • Learn, Create, Inspire – Murrabit Promotions Committee

thumb_bridgeMurrabit Bridge

Opened in 1926 the first all-steel bridge to be installed over the Murray River, between Victoria and New South Wales. The final leg of the Murray River Marathon begins here each year. Located a few metres downstream from the bridge is a boat ramp.

Miss M.G. Keats MBE Picnic Area

An excellent location to view the bridge and the river and to enjoy a picnic. Miss Keats, a local, was the second woman registered as a veterinary surgeon after graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1923. This is also a designated camping area.

Murrabit Trading Ltd.

The district’s citrus growers developed a buying group for chemicals and sprays for their own use. From this, the needs of other farmers for a local source of their own agricultural supplies became apparent. Together this resulted in the new trading store being built and opened in August 1983.

Murrabit Packing Company

Citrus was first planted near Gonn Crossing around 1887. The citrus packing enterprise relocated to Murrabit when the railway began running. The shed was built right beside the railway line so fruit and other goods could be loaded directly onto the trucks. The Murrabit Packing Company took over in 1927 and was a major employer in the district for many years. The Packing Company ceased operation on 18 May 1995. The fruit was then transported to Koondrook for handling.

thumb_orangeCitrus Groves

Citrus, mostly oranges, was for a time the most important enterprise in Murrabit. The first small groves were planted at Gonn Crossing. Using pumped water from the river to irrigate meant that the orange groves spread along the river frontage. Today many of the groves have been removed however two citrus groves occupying approximately 190 acres remain in the district. Fruit is packed in Koondrook for export or directly to markets in Melbourne and Sydney. Some local fruit is also juiced.

Lions Park and Public Toilets

Set in the heart of Murrabit, this is the ideal area to take a break at the children’s playground and utilise the free electric BBQ.

Murrabit Public Hall

thumb_murrabitmarketBuilt in 1912 and shifted to the present site in 1926. The hall is still used for social functions, wedding receptions, meetings, line dancing and weekly for Senior Citizen gatherings. Also used monthly during the Murrabit Country Market to cater for morning teas.

Murrabit Shop and Tavern

Catering for the needs of residents and visitors to the area with a take-away menu, grocery items, post office, bank agency, petrol and daily papers.

Golf Course

This site was originally a Common where many families kept a house cow for fresh milk, cream and butter. The well kept 12 hole golf course is ideal for a relaxed round of golf during the autumn and winter months.

Recreation Reserve and Complex

Murrabit takes pride in its excellent sporting facilities and modern multi-purpose community complex. Football, netball and cricket clubs all use this reserve. Powered camping sites are available.

Tennis Courts

Social, competitive and coaching tennis is played on the 9 well kept lawn courts. An annual tennis tournament is held at the lawn tennis courts each Easter. This is always a popular event and attracts players from all over Victoria.

Murrabit Group School

Schools once dotted the countryside with many being relocated from place to place to match the changing population of children. They were mostly run by one teacher with students ranging from 6 to 12-14 years. Schools at Murrabit West, Benjeroop East and Gonn Crossing closed to form Murrabit Group School in 1971. The Murrabit Group School caters for primary school aged children. Secondary students travel by bus to Kerang, Barham or Swan Hill.